”Guin Katché” single by Julia Jonas

”Guin Katché” is out now. Mixed and mastered here.

Second single by Julia Jonas

Bridge Melancholia, the second single by Julia Jonas, is out now. I contributed bass guitar, mixing and mastering.

Tiny Union – ”Lover” Music Video

New music video from Tiny Union – ”Lover”. Video by sccchhhhh.com, mixing and mastering by moi. Also streaming on Spotify.

Single release by Julia Jonas

Julia Jonas just released her new single ”Spilling”. Mixing and mastering by yours truly.

SOAF – ”Min mask är inte lik din mask” Music Video

Music video for SOAF – Min mask är inte lik din mask. Made by sccchhhhh.com.

SOAF – ”Jordgubbsflicka” Music Video

New single and music video by SOAF released February 17th 2017. Film by sccchhhhh.com.

Century Of Ecstasy – I’m leaving, who cares? EP

I’m leaving, who cares? EP is out October 25th as a digital release only on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube. Artwork and slideshows by xjc.

Summer releases

Here are some new releases that I’ve worked on; a film score for an imaginary film, a Swedish 80’s synth pop single, and a British/Scandinavian singer/songwriter album.

Löfstrand&Eriksson – Lärkskogsvägen (master)

Niklas Krig – Fattar nu (mix & master)

Neal Hoffmann – Untrained Heart (background vocals track 2, 3 & 7)

New single releases by Filippa Florence & Nonsens

Two singles that I mastered recently were released this week. Check out ”Vita Himlar” by Filippa Florence (mixed by Alice Petz) and ”Sista slaget” by Nonsens (mixed by Tobias Johansson):

Nobel Creations in Danish Musicology Online

The latest special issue of Danish Musicology Online features an article I co-authored with Jan-Olof Gullö, Hans Lindetorp, Peter Schyborger, Ivan Höglund, Anton Näslund and Julia Jonas. The article is about the infinite soundscape composition my fellow students and I created for the Nobel Creations exhibition in 2014.

Nobel Creations: Producing infinite music for an exhibition (pdf)