Summer releases

Here are some new releases that I’ve worked on; a film score for an imaginary film, a Swedish 80’s synth pop single, and a British/Scandinavian singer/songwriter album.

Löfstrand&Eriksson – Lärkskogsvägen (master)

Niklas Krig – Fattar nu (mix & master)

Neal Hoffmann – Untrained Heart (background vocals track 2, 3 & 7)

Century Of Ecstasy – Decade in the Shade

Century Of Ecstasy’s debut album Decade in the Shade is out today on multiple platforms, including Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes and more! This has been another Persson Music production from start to finish. I started writing some of the songs almost ten years ago, and recording began sometime in 2010. The album features contributions from Julia Jonas (vocals/piano on “Je Nie Ma Solitude”), Axel Fagerberg (percussion on “Falling from a Star”), Marta Pettersson (speech/vocals on “I Dreamt…”) and students from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (strings on “The City of You”).

2015 Art of Record Production Conference

I spent the weekend participating in the 10th Art of Record Production Conference in Philadelphia. I witnessed many interesting presentations and also gave a presentation with my fellow second year master students from KMH (the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.) The theme of our presentation was Capturing Creativity in Music Production, and I talked more specifically about young music student’s attitudes towards working with an analog console compared to working with a laptop/”in the box”. The conference was hosted by Drexel University and among the speakers were names like Tony Maserati, Susan Rogers, Suzanne Ciani, Trevor Pinch, Simon Zagorski-Thomas and many more.

‘Tonight’ Music Video Teaser

Check out this teaser for the official music video for Century Of Ecstasy’s upcoming single ‘Tonight’! The video was made in a collaboration between the artist XJC, who created the amazing animations, and me. ‘Tonight’ is featured on the upcoming debut album by Century Of Ecstasy, titled Decade In The Shade.