UR premiere

I composed and produced music for UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) last fall. The episode of the show that features my music has now been aired and is available online at the UR website:


The show is called Radioskrivarklubben and features radio drama inspired by children who have collaborated over the stories in workshops. This was the first season that was made in the Northern Sami language, one of the languages spoken by the indigenous Sami people of northern Scandinavia.

I played a covers gig last week with Världens Bästa Band. The gig went well, apart from a power failure halfway through our first encore. We were back after ten minutes though and played three more songs. The show, as you might know, must go on…

This week has been pretty busy, I’ve done a bunch of different things: a few rehearsals, worked on some mixes, done a bit of songwriting with Bella and Gustav, done a bit of beats programming with Bella. I rehearsed with singer/songwriter Christoffer Karlsson for the first time last night. I will play bass with him at a gig sometime in late April/early May. The music is very “Nashville”, which is a bit new to me, and Christoffer has managed to put together a great band, so it will be very interesting and a lot of fun!