Recording jazz & Brazilian folk music

Last week I had another visit from Vitor Celestino and Neto Oliveira in KMH’s Studio 2. This time they brought along singer/guitarist Rafa Brasileiro, and together they played two Brazilian songs that we recorded live. For the first song, Vitor played a cavaquinho, a small four string guitar, and Neto played percussion. For the second song, Vitor played his seven string acoustic guitar, and Neto played drums, so I had Rafa sing with me in the control room instead in order not to get any spill from the drums into the vocal mic.

Last Thursday I recorded to jazz groups, a trio and a quartet. The trio consisted of guitarist Alf ‘Affe’ Carlsson, bassist Samuel Löfdahl and drummer Hannes Sigfridsson. I’ve recorded Alf before with a different trio, so this was a new constellation. The quartet that I recorded on the same day was also a new constellation, consisting of saxophonist David Bennet, pianist Filipe Raposo, bassist Eirik Lund and drummer Simon Andersson. This group was quite experimental, and Filipe did a really cool thing on the last song where he held his phone up against one of the piano mics and played a recording of the same song. So the song started with an old recording of the song, played through a phone, and after a few bars Filipe just faded out that old recording by moving his phone away from the mic slightly, and the rest of the band picked it up from there. This was a last minute recording, and I had no idea he would try this beforehand, so it was a fun surprise to sit in the control room and hear all of this happening in real time!

Here’s a clip featuring some music I recorded in the studio in September: Daniel Angebrand Trio @ Boulebar Surbrunn