Selected jingles for podcasts or other media.

“In the Moment” from the podcast Samtal mellan Maria och Helena
“Going Back”

Music beds

Selected background and foreground music for visual content.

“Spring Valley”
“Neon Curb”

Music – Originals

Selected original compositions and music production works.

“Waves” by FRANKIE OCTOBER (co-produced w/ Johan Didrik)
“Sun Is Burning” by Century Of Ecstasy
“Lover” by Tiny Union
“Goose” by <li<k
“Light” by Century Of Ecstasy

Music – Covers

Selected music production works.

“Walking On A Dream” by Animal Therapy
“Another Love” by Animal Therapy
“Ocean Eyes” by Animal Therapy
“Save Room” by Animal Therapy
“Yellow” by Animal Therapy