I graduated from the Bachelor of Arts degree program in music and media production at KMH (Royal College of Music in Stockholm) yesterday! This means my first three years at KMH have come to and end. I will be back however after the summer to begin studying for a Master of Arts degree along with three of my classmates from the bachelor program.

Day:Dream was a very successful event and we managed to pack the venue with an enthusiastic crowd. People whom we spoke to after the show said they appreciated the smooth transitions between the different parts of the show, enhanced by video and audio. It was an interesting and exhausting experience to make everything work on a tight schedule, but I think we pulled it off in the end.

I will spend the summer working on four new albums and an EP and I am very excited to finally have the time to do this! The last few days I’ve revisited the mixes of the Sagan Om Alltings Förträfflighet album, which I hope will be finished within the next couple of weeks. It’s also time to put the final touches to the Jean and the Mean Machine debut album, which has been on hold for the past few months due to different circumstances. After that I will get to work on the Century Of Ecstasy album. The last bit means I will record some new material, and also re-record some old stuff that I’m not pleased with.

To wrap this up, here’s a treat, a video from Christoffer Karlsson’s gig at the Dubliner in Stockholm on May 6th, with me on the bass:

Christoffer Karlsson – Talk To Me on YouTube