Mixing SOAF

I spent the last week and a half mixing my way through the Sagan Om Alltings Förträfflighet record. At this point I’m a little past halfway through it, although I’m trying to work quickly and save the details for later. I recorded some synth overdubs too, and some additional background vocals for a track called “Ta ett kliv”.

Last night I was in the studio with Bella Sohlberg and drummer Johan Salomonsson to record basic tracks for a demo of a new song of Bella’s called “Julian”. She has written this song for her Swedish pop project Fedra. I played bass and Bella played an electric piano while we cut the drums and bass live. Afterwards she replaced the electric piano with an acoustic upright piano, which sounded fantastic through a pair of brand new Schoeps Colette mics I wish were mine… We used the same mics for drum overheads too and I think they did a pretty good job there as well.