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Biking the Archipelago Ad

I co-produced and mixed the song “Better With You” together with Bella Sohlberg for an ad for Södra Bohuslän Turism titled “Biking the Archipelago”. The song was written by Bella Sohlberg and features vocals by her and her father, Robert “Biggles” Sohlberg. Bella also played acoustic guitars on the recording. I played electric guitars, bass and piano and Johan Salomonsson played drums.

“Biking the Archipelago” Ad on YouTube

I’ve been working on the mixes for the Sagan Om Alltings Förträfflighet record the last few days, moving swiftly from song to song. I’m enjoying the process of having several songs to work on simultaneously, and I think the end result will benefit from that. This week and the next I’m also busy rehearsing with guitarist/songwriter Hugo Lundgren’s project. We’re going to start recording next Wednesday, on my 28th birthday, in one of Stockholm’s finest recording studios. We plan to cut the basic tracks (drums, bass and guitar) live without a click track to keep things as organic as possible.