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Recording w/ Hugo

I spent my 28th birthday at Riksmixningsverket, one of Sweden’s finest recording studios, owned by Benny Andersson from ABBA. The session was for guitarist/songwriter Hugo Lundgren’s new project, and the main focus was on getting basic tracks on four songs. Hugo and I also had the company of Alexander Carlberg who played drums and vocalists Bella Sohlberg and Julia Jonas who sang with us. The goal was to get good takes of all of us playing together, so we did quite a lot of takes on all four songs. I played my Bravewood jazz bass through a 1966 Ampeg B15 mic’ed with a vintage U47. That was a killer setup, and everyone liked the bass sound very much. Of course, now I will have to buy a B15 at some point…they’re quite pricey though. The drums sounded fantastic as well. Alex played a vintage Ludwig kit and sound engineer Linn Fijal had put up a nice selection of mics around it. There was an AKG C24 stereo tube mic for the overheads, Coles ribbons as room mics, U47 FET in front of the kick…you get the picture!

Biking the Archipelago Ad

I co-produced and mixed the song “Better With You” together with Bella Sohlberg for an ad for Södra Bohuslän Turism titled “Biking the Archipelago”. The song was written by Bella Sohlberg and features vocals by her and her father, Robert “Biggles” Sohlberg. Bella also played acoustic guitars on the recording. I played electric guitars, bass and piano and Johan Salomonsson played drums.

“Biking the Archipelago” Ad on YouTube

I’ve been working on the mixes for the Sagan Om Alltings Förträfflighet record the last few days, moving swiftly from song to song. I’m enjoying the process of having several songs to work on simultaneously, and I think the end result will benefit from that. This week and the next I’m also busy rehearsing with guitarist/songwriter Hugo Lundgren’s project. We’re going to start recording next Wednesday, on my 28th birthday, in one of Stockholm’s finest recording studios. We plan to cut the basic tracks (drums, bass and guitar) live without a click track to keep things as organic as possible.

Mixing Bella & Rehearsing w/ Hugo

I ended up mixing the demo of “Julian” this week. This was a new song from Bella Sohlberg (Fedra) that I played bass on. I had just two or three hours to work on the track, so I had to work in hyper speed mix mode. Fun, although a bit exhausting.

Hugo Lundgren is a guitarist and songwriter who has written songs for an EP. I will play bass on this EP and help out with some parts of the production. We rehearsed together for the first time this week, with drummer Niklas Niskanen and vocalists Bella Sohlberg and Julia Jonas. Hugo is planning to rent one of the larger studios in our around Stockholm and try to cut as much as possible live. Here is an acoustic live performance of one of the songs that will be included on the EP:

“Where the Green Grass Grows” on YouTube