Nobel Creations opening this week

I’ve been working around the clock the last few days, getting everything ready in time for the exhibition opening on Thursday evening. The weekend was spent recording and editing an audio guide for the exhibition, featuring presentations from all of the students at KMH and Beckmans who have contributed music, art and fashion pieces for the exhibition. The audio guide featured a total of 47 tracks in both Swedish and English and was recorded by Anton Näslund, Julia Jonas and me. The exhibition is currently being put together at the Nobel Museum and we spent yesterday trying to get our music to come out of the right speakers at the right time. There’s still some more work to do. The system running the music is very complex, featuring two computers and a server running together, taking input signals from sensors and iPads in the exhibition hall, continuously arranging the music, and playing it back through 16 discrete speakers. The obvious downside to having a complex playback system like this is that it is hard to get up and running and working the way it’s supposed to. The upside is that it allows us to do innovative and creative work.