Songwriting on the West Coast

Last week, me and the rest of Tiny Union rented a car and drove out to the west coast of Sweden. We stayed at Bella’s parents’ place on the island of Orust, and used her dad’s newly built studio as our base. We had a great time there and wrote five or six new songs in three days. Bella unfortunately had a terribly cold the whole time there, which eventually spread to Gustav and myself…so I’m trying to recover from that as I write this.

Next week I will wrap up the process of producing music for the Nobel Creations exhibition at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. The music is pretty much finished by now, so what I have left to do now is to cut it up into smaller chunks of audio, sort of disassembling the puzzle if you will, export those files and then focus on getting the programming right so that everything plays the way it’s supposed to. My teacher and super hero programmer Hans Lindetorp at KMH has put in a lot of work creating the framework and the code that controls the music, and he will help me get the last bit right. As I’ve mentioned before, the exhibition will open for the public on the 5th of December.

There will be a release party and concert for the debut Jean and the Mean machine album (mixed and mastered by me) on Tuesday in Stockholm. Check out the Facebook event for more info.